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Hello everyone! 

It's been far too long since we updated our blog but we have a pretty good eggs-cuse! 2013 has been a hectic year so far, it kicked off when our own little chick, baby Holly arrived at 00.10 on New Year's Day! In december when Tanya was 8 months pregnant we started building work on our house and had to move while it was completed. We moved home with baby Holly in May and have been busy decorating and settling in! But now we are home we are getting back on track and have some exciting news about Handpecked! 
We have a brand new look and our website is being redesigned as we speak by Jennie Plant, a very talented graphic designer who has won awards for Handpecked's new branding! 
We are very excited to tell you all that we now have a premises on a farm in Bayford where you can come and visit us and see all our chickens and our range of feed, bedding, accessories etc. We have a huge new range of 9 different chickens in stock, including the 'Easter Sussex' a hen which has a 60% chance of laying pastel pink eggs! Below is a photo of the Easter Sussex, she is proving very popular already, we only have 2 left and we have only had them for 3 days! Get yours before they are gone......
pink egg layer

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