Incubator Hire

We offer an incubation service for Nurseries, Schools, Playgroups or Care Homes.


Schools, Nurseries and playgroups

Children love to see chicks hatching in front of their eyes and this creates a fantastic opportunity to teach them all about nature and the life cycle of a chicken. Because the exact date of the hatching can be planned, we are able to offer hire for the entire three week incubation and then 3 days with the new chicks, or an end of incubation hire where we incubate the eggs for the first 18 days and then deliver them so you have them for the last 3 days. The details of these hire types are listed below.

Full Incubation Hire 

For older children, the full incubation package provides a more extensive educational experience. Complemented by work sheets and


End of Incubation Hire

This package is better suited to younger children as we incubate the eggs until they are three days from hatching, so once the incubator 
is delivered they don't have to wait for long to see the chicks hatch.