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Pure breed chickens are the traditional breeds.Typically, pure breeds have more personality, go broody more than hybrids and have a larger choice of size and plumage. Pure breed hens lay most eggs during the long summer days - unlike their hybrid cousins who are bred purely for egg laying. Expect 100 - 250 eggs per year, for 4-7 years depending on your chosen breed and the birds age. 

Pure breeds come in light breeds (Bantams) who are smaller and lay smaller eggs. The Bantams eat less and children especially appreciate their small eggs. Bantams can be a bit flighty and nervous but lay more than the large breeds. The large (heavy) pure breeds are generally more docile and friendly, but will lay a little less and eat more!  

Pure breeds have been around for centuries and some even have royal connections! For example, the Cochin, a large chinese breed became famous in the 1800's when one was given as a gift to Queen Victoria, who "simply had to have one!"

Overall, pure breeds will lay less eggs, and cost more to buy but will continue the blood line of these beautiful birds into the future. Pure breeds can also win prizes at poultry shows as they have standards for shape and colour.  

Below are some of the more popular pure breed hens we have in stock more regularly and a profile of each one. If you can't see the breed you are looking for please don't hesitate to contact us and enquire, as we may be able to hatch to order or source the bird you are looking for!

To order/ reserve your hens, please email [email protected] or fill out the enquiry form on the contact us page or fill out the enquiry form at the bottom of this page.


Use the guide below to see approximately how many eggs your hen will lay in its first year.

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      legbar cropped pic     

Cream Legbar (Large Fowl)

These hardy birds are quite round and compact. They are very attractive and lay
light blue or olive coloured eggs. They are a great bird for the back garden keeper. This breed is one of the most popular due to its beautiful coloured eggs. This older and now quite rare breed can be dated back to the 1930’s.

egg bl180

Ready from April/May                                     Limited Stock – Reserve now                             £35 each  





buff orpington pic           

Buff Orpington (Large Fowl)

This large, 'fluffy' bird is extremely friendly and generally loves to be handled so it is perfect for families. They are so friendly and curious that if allowed they may try to come into the house! 

 egg c150180

Ready from April/May                                     Limited Stock – Reserve now                            £35 each


silver laced w          

Silver Laced Wyandotte (Large Fowl)

A particularly attractive bird with its striking silver laced markings, this breed is very popular laying good-sized  eggs. These birds are very hardy during the winter months and also make very good mums! They can become very tame if handled regularly.

egg b180

Ready from April/May                                   Limited Stock – Reserve now                           £35 each  


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