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We stock a variety of bedding and feeds available for collection or *free delivery to Hertford, Ware, Stevenage, Hoddesdon and their surrounding villages.

Please email us if you are unsure whether you are elegible for free delivery.

 We know that lugging bags of feed and bales of bedding around can be a hassle; we eliminate that problem for you.
When you order you can leave a note for us to leave it in a place most convenient for you. Most people ask us to leave it in their shed.
Once your feed has been ordered it will be in your designated place within 7 working days.

We also offer a 'never go hungry' service where a discount is given for a long-term order e.g a monthly or weekly delivery.

If you want to make a regular order of 2 or more bags a week we can offer a discount, Just fill out the form below to get a quote.



Copdock Mill Feeds
Copdock Mill Feeds

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